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KTS is silver anklets brand which is newly being launched in to Silver world with an intention to able able to deliver to the world the best of anklets designs which are designed and handcrafted by our artesian. We  are pioneers in area of anklets since 90's. We have been successfully delivering needs of various jewelers in various urban cities and rural areas. You would have heard about KTS if you are anklets lovers anywhere in south india. We are currently very successful in our wholesale B2B and now we want to also serve the payal lovers directly. You can explore various designs as per length and  weight.

Please go download the app and you have option to check latest designs and directly place order on the app. KTS is definetly the 1st ever app you would find for anklets. Download and share with your friends and families who love payals and want to have payals every now and then . KTS APP

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