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Pricing Of Our Product

Our Website Home Page Has A Live Price Of Silver Which Fluctuates Every 3-5 Seconds 

  • Silver Live Price - This Price Is Main Price Of 1Kg Silver Which Will Be Almost Same EveryWhere In Hyderabad Silver Marlet
  • KTS Payal Price - This Price Is The Cost Of Our Product For 10 Grams Of Silver Which Is Calculated By The Silver Live Price (10Grams) + 13% Making Charges , This Is The Price Which Automatically Gets Calculated By The Weight Which Are Given To Each Product In Our Website
  • KTS Payal Old Buying Price - This Price Bar Is Created For Accepting The Old KTS Silver Payal (10Grams) This Price Used In Our Shop For Our Retail Shoppers Who Gets Old Silver Payal Of KTS we Take Back That Payal With That Price Which Is 20 Rs Less Than The Live Silverf Price , So Here Is How We Take Our Old KTS Silver Payal Suppose you have 100 grams of KTS old silver Then First We Will Make It Pure By 100*75% which is 75 Grams next we will calculate price 75 grams * the old silver price from website and then we will deduct that amount for our retail customer who chooses to take new payal and the extra left amount will be paid by customer , For now this system is for customer who shop at our shop , soon this will be available in our website also.

Colour Guarantee

This Is No Colour Gaurantee For Our Silver Product Because , Pure Silver also becomes black because of hydrogen sulfide (sulfur), a substance that occurs in the air. When silver comes into contact with it, a chemical reaction takes place and a black layer is formed. Silver oxidizes faster in places with a lot of light and high humidity , Many things can speed tarnish; air pollution, the minerals in your water (and as such wearing your silver jewelry in the shower can speed this process too), living or working near a chemical, electric or manufacturing plant are all things that can cause discolouration more quickly.

Purity Gaurantee 

Our All The Products Are 75% Silver , We Give 75% Purity Gaurantee Of Our Silver Products .

Product Damage 

If Any Of Your Product Got Damage Within 30 Days , You Can Directly Call Us Or Message Us On Whatsapp Or Mail Us We Will Be Taking Back The Product And Repair That Product To New Condition And Give Back To Respective Customer , Or Eles In Very Rare Cases If We Can't Repair The Product We Will Provide You Directly Another Product Which Will Be Fresh And New .


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